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Appreciation Program

Christian Life Church's Children's Ministry Team Member Appreciation Program is designed to affirm the members of the Children's Ministry Team for their volunteer involvement in ministry. Earning points or receiving rewards is subject to the approval of the Children's Ministry and Christian Life Church Leadership and is dependent upon adherence to Christian Life Church's and the Children's Ministry's Rules, Codes, and Procedures as found in the Team Information Document. Points or rewards may be lost or failed to be earn based upon violation of or failure to complete these guidelines.


Basic Points

Start earning points by attending the following:
  • CLC Programs or Events – 25
Christian Life Church programs include Celebration Services which take place on Sunday mornings and Connect Small Groups which may meet throughout the week at various times and locations. Christian Life Church events include 101-401 Class sessions, Ministry Team meetings, special services or meetings, seminars, conferences, outreach projects, etc. that are pre-approved as point-earning opportunities for the Children's Ministry Team. To ensure you receive points, make sure to sign in and out when you arrive and leave on the necessary Team Logs in the Children’s Ministry area on Sunday mornings or report to the Team Director at or about an event.

Double Points

Multiply the amount of points you earn through:
  • Promptness
  • Children's Ministry Involvement
Services, Small Groups, or events can become 50 to 100 points when you arrive on time, fulfill Children's Ministry responsibilities, or combine both doubling methods.

Bonus Points

Completing the following items for bonus points:
You will automatically receive 100 points each for each of these items that you have already completed. Beginning or retaking a CLC Class will earn you the 25 points listed above per session with the possibility of 100 points per class when completing all sessions. You can resubmit a Form to help keep Team records up-to-date and to keep earning bonus points once per three-month season.


Monthly Reward

Each month, those Team Members who earned 500 points or more will be the recipient of a special reward designated for that month's Ministry Team Appreciation.

Team Member of the Month

Each month, the Team Member who has earned the most points will be recognized with this honor as long as his or her attitude and behavior is continuing to positively represent the Children's Ministry Team.

Award Nominations

At the end of the year, the Team Members who have earned the most points will become the Children's Ministry's award nominees. Recipients and presentations of these awards are decided by the Leadership of Christian Life Church and may not be determined by the Children's Ministry Team.