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October 2014 Meetings

posted Oct 16, 2014, 8:55 AM by Christian Life Kids
During the month of October we will be trying a new meeting format in which all team members who are working on a Sunday will come out for a meeting at 9:00 that Sunday, including those signed up for 9:00 and 10:00.  Persons will only have to come to the meeting on the day that they are signed up and can choose to attend adult classes at 9:00 or only come at 10:00 on all other days.

As infants or children arrive during the 9:00 hour, the team members responsible for them will leave the meeting to go take care of them.  The meetings will start in the 6-11's Sunday School classroom in order for us to be aware when the kids arrive, and we will move from there to the 3-5's or 0-2's rooms if necessary, depending on what kids arrive, and then to the Assembly room once all the classes during the 9:00 hour have started in their rooms.

These meetings will be used for prayer, preparation, training, taking care of any team business, and assuring that all team members for that day are present.  The plan will give us the opportunity to redeem the time when teachers or workers come at 9:00 but babies or students come later, yet will assure that there are team members there when infants or kids do arrive and hopefully encourage kids and parents to start or continue coming out at 9:00.

Once all 9:00 hour classes have started and all business is covered, it will give 10:00 teachers and workers the opportunity to do preparation and setup, which is always needed, whether for a class or for breakfast, as well as be there and ready when kids are dismissed from classes shortly before 10:00.  At 10:00, the 3-5's and 6-11's can meet together for breakfast and worship before the 3-5's return to their classroom.