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Hotdog Project Success

posted Jul 8, 2013, 11:01 AM by Christian Life Kids   [ updated Jul 8, 2013, 11:12 AM ]
Team members who made donations and participated in our team's Birthday Bash hotdog project, for this past Saturday, July 6, did an outstanding job.  Our Nursery and Children's Ministry Team raised enough money, over $400, to purchase hotdogs and condiments for 1000 persons and cooked approximately 900 hotdogs.  Our ability to purchase so many supplies at that cost was thanks to Sis. Sharon Farrington's investigation into bulk prices and Elder Leslie Knowles at Purity Bakery.

Many hotdogs were given out to people from our church and community, including about 100 that were sent with Sis. Paula Meadows to the Elizabeth Estates Home.  Through rain and shine, the church's Birthday Bash was able to bless many hungry and needy persons.  Bishop Jay described it as the best "sermon" he had "seen" preached in a while, in other words, being demonstrated rather than spoken.  Before the Bash, team director Dr. Jessica Simms compared our project to Jesus and His disciples feeding the multitudes.  In like fashion, not only were hungry persons feed, but we had a number of leftovers that will be used for other charitable projects, such as the Soup Kitchen Ministry's Building Fundraiser next Wednesday and possibly the Back-to-School Jam, another community outreach.

Special thanks goes out to Sis. Ingrid's husband and Sacha and Dana's father, Bro. Rodney Saunders, who brought his grill and grilled the hotdogs that we gave out on Saturday.  Our team members who participated in donating, cooking, and giving out hotdogs include:  Anthea Elliott, Coralee Smith, Doreen Thompson, Darlene Sands, Ernestine McKenzie, Ingrid Saunders, Karon Adderley, Latoya Miller, Latoya Smith, Melissa Rolle, Natalie Pinder, Paula Meadows, Ruth Johnson, Sabria Rolle, Sandradee Leadon, Tanash & Dr. Verneth Patterson, Theresa Myers, and Tiffany Simms.

Dr. Euphemia Simms had this to say to the Christian Life Nursery and Children's Ministry Team: 
Your team was cohesive and amazing.  I commend you and all of them because they were self-less, giving, cooperative, supportive and a true example of "We are better together."  They were an inspiration and encouragement to our church and community with their "Christ-like" attitude and team work efforts.  I truly appreciate our Children's Ministry Team and encourage them to continue to be strong in their faith and corresponding works.  May God richly bless all of you.